Best Baldur’s Gate 3 quotes can be found here. I made a compilation of the companion quotes in BG3. In addition to that, the most interesting character in Baldur’s Gate 3, cambion Raphael is included too. His quotes are really good to pass.

Here is the best Baldur’s Gate 3 quotes:

Cambion Raphael Quotes

What’s better than a devil you don’t know? A devil you do.

The mouse smiled brightly, it outfoxed the cat. Then down came the claw, and that, love, was that.

The house of hope. Where the tired come to rest, and the famished come to feed – lavishly. Go on. Partake. Enjoy your supper. After all… it might just be your last.

Am I a friend? Potentially. An adversary? Conceivably. But a savior? That’s for certain.

When hope has been whittled down to the very marrow of despair – that’s when you’ll come knocking on my door.

One might say you’re paragon of luck. I’ll be there when it runs out.

Raphael is a cambion. Meaning half devil. One of his parents was a human, the other one was the devil kind. Larian does know how to write demons don’t they?

Astarion Quotes

Do you know vampire Astarion? Oh, I know everything about him!!!

I wasn’t going to hurt you! I just needed – well, blood.

If I just had a little blood, I could think clearer. Fight better. Please.

Shh. Not a sound. Not if you want to keep that darling neck of yours.

My handsome devil Astarion. This rascal is one of my favorite companion in Baldur’s Gate 3. Here is Astarion voice actor.

Shadowheart Quotes

Shadowheart has a beautiful voice. You can find Shadowheart voice actress here.

Your curiosity could’ve turned very unhealthy if that fight hadn’t gone our way.

Pain. Hope. The promise of better days. All of these are heavy cloaks that bend our backs and burden our hearts.

Secrecy is everything for Shar’s children. It’s our code, our creed, our shield.

Lae’zel Quotes

I hardly believe in love at all. But I do believe in carnal pleasure.

Can you feel it crawling through you? Tendrils squirming in your chest, gripping your heart, piercing your belly? Your bones popping, your flesh swelling?

Vlaakith gha’g shkath zai!

I have no idea what that means…

Gale Quotes

You’re staring at me like a Rashemi at a blackboard. You’re no wizard are you?

A woman with shadows for eyes – deep as the Darklake. A pleasure, madam.

Nautiloids are incredibly rare vessels: a mind flayer colony’s most guarded secret – and a gith pack’s greatest prize.

As long as we travel together, what’s mine is yours. And if we survive our many ordeals, I’ll host you a banquet in Waterdeep the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Gale is so handsome don’t you agree? BG3 Gale voice actor can be found just over there.

Wyll Quotes

I’ve got the grandest of plans: you and me, we kill the goblin horde’s leaders. That should scatter the buggers.

We’ve both got parasites tickling our grey matter. And I’ve been having the strangest dreams.

I always save the best stories for my closest friends and my cruelest enemies.

You ever want something so bad, you’d stop at nothing to get it?

Wyll, the legendary Blade of Frontiers.

Other BG3 Quotes

bg3 quotes

  • Fezzerk: Look what we got here – another little birdie wanting to fly. Yehehueh! Flap those wings some more, an’ I’ll feed you a worm!
  • Barcus Wroot: Ignorance is alive and well, it seems! Deep gnomes aren’t restricted to the Underdark you know. I’ve lived in Baldur’s Gate for years.
  • Dream Character: Look at you. So confused, brimming with power. Yet still a shadow of what you will become.
  • Mayrina: I dragged my husband here in a wheelbarrow. Buried him. Took everything the hag threw at me for him.
  • Large Giant Spider: Yes, my desire. Closer, my sweet! I will wrap you, and bind you, and bite you, and eat you.
  • Nadira: Let me guess: your devil mistress sent you to get her soul coin back. Too bad. I earned it fair and square.
  • Guardian of tombs: What a curious way to awaken. Now I have a question for thee: What is the worth of a single mortal’s life?

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