Welcome to the CK3 best congenital traits tier list. Congenital traits are the most important things for your rulers and dynasty in Crusader Kings 3. One must reinforce good traits as listed below. Then the bad traits must be cut off. Such as sterile, bleeder, spindly, wheezing, dwarf, club-footed, scaly, lisping, albino, stuttering, possessed, lunatic, and melancholic.

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Now let’s get back to the good congenital traits in Crusader Kings II. Here is the Ck3 god tier traits:

1. Genius

ck3 genius

Genius gives +5 bonus skill to diplomacy, martial, stewardship, intrigue, and learning. And that isn’t all of it. This trait also gives +30% monthly lifestyle experience. Therefore making it the best congenital trait in Crusader Kings 3.

A towering intellect and wits to match, your character is brilliant.

I mean these bonuses are unmatched. Genius is the best trait in Crusader Kings 3. For the perfect ruler, genius trait would be my first pick.

2. Beautiful

ck3 beautiful

Second best congenital trait in CK3 is beautiful. Attraction opinion and fertility +30% is absolutely amazing for having lots of children. Having more children means lots of alliances and spread dynasty.

Enthralling, mesmerizing, and lovely; your character outshines most with her / his beauty.

Diplomacy +3 is also good addition to this trait. So, if concubines not allowed in your court, beautiful and fecund traits are necessary for increasing dynast members.

3. Herculean

ck3 herculean

Third best congenital trait is herculean. After having these first three traits, you can consecrate bloodline which is really op.

Powerful, healthy, and strong; your character has a sublime male / female physique.

Prowess +8, huge health boost, and attract opinion +15. With this trait you can have the most amazing warrior leaders with long lives.

4. Fecund

ck3 fecund

With fertility: +50% bonus, fecund is the best trait so far for having lots of children. Fecund combined with beautiful trait might generate at least 20 children.

Your character is fruitful and fertile.

If you have a good ruler, you want him/her to live longer. This trait will expand your bloodlines life expectancy. Obviously this makes fecund one of the best traits in the game.

5. Giant

ck3 giant

Yes I know giant gives minor health penalty and -5 attraction opinion. But the rewards are absolutely worth it.

Others have to crane their necks, and rein in their awe, as your character walks by.

Prowess +6 makes you character a great fighter. Also vassal opinion +5 and tribal ruler opinion +10 highly reduces the rebellion chances. What’s more, giant characters looks absolutely great and fun.

6. Intelligent

ck3 intelligent

Intelligent trait is one rank below the genius. Still, it has great bonuses. Like +3 bonus to all skills and +20% lifestyle experience.

Your character is smarter than most.

Other cool thing is, having a genius children is relatively easy if you mate two intelligent characters. You know, these traits reinforcing.

7. Pretty / Handsome

ck3 handsome pretty

Handsome trait isn’t that far from the beautiful one. Instead of having +%30 fertility and +30 opinion, handsome gives +%20 and +20. However, it is easy to reinforce handsome trait and have a beautiful children.

Your character has been blessed with a pleasing male physique.

Handsome trait is called pretty on the female characters. This trait isn’t that uncommon so it is easy to mate two handsome / pretty characters to reinforce beautiful trait.

8. Robust

ck3 robust

Robust is one rank below the herculean / amazon trait but still it is really good.

Your character has a strong physique.

I urge you to reinforce this trait as soon as possible. Because medium health boost and huge health boost have huge difference in between.

9. Quick

ck3 quick

Stats are not good enough but can be easily reinforced.

Your character catches on quick.

Not as good as intelligent and genius. However, it is super easy to reinforce this trait because there are lots of quick characters. After couple of generations of reinforcing, you can raise genius leaders.

10. Comely

ck3 comely

Same as the quick. This is the lowest rank of the beautiful trait and can be reinforced easly.

Your character is a pleasant to look at.

By the way +10% fertility bonus can easily breed +1 +2 more children in the characters lifetime.

These are the top 10 S tier CK3 congenital traits. Thank you for reading this article and have a great time playing Crusader Kings 3. Also make sure to get blood legacy in order to improve these traits on your dynast.

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