Baldur’s Gate 3 Split Screen

bg3 split screen

Baldur’s Gate 3 full release supposed to have cross-play/cross-platform, split-screen, lan co-op, and online co-op. So, where are we right now? Are all multiplayer options readily available? Let us discuss BG3 split screen couch multiplayer topic.

Does Baldur’s Gate 3 have split screen? Split screen option is not implemented in BG3 yet. Because the game is still in the early access and lots of features are missing so far. However, Larian promised split screen option for Baldur’s Gate 3. I guess we have to wait for the full release.


Split screen will be available on the full release for sure, because Larian Studios always keep their promises. For nowi you can try out other split screen games to play.

BG3 Local Split Screen

How will it be? Well, Divinity Original Sin 2, the latest game of the Larian Studios had split screen option. BG3 and DOS2 are highly similar games. So, without a doubt there will be split screen in BG3. Of course, it will take time to implement but I expect it to be perfect.

How to play Baldur’s Gate 3 split screen? As I have said before, you can no play BG3 local split screen at the moment. But it will be implemented soon. After all, BG3 is an alpha early access game for now.

Oh, here is another thing, Baldur’s Gate 3 controller support is also not yet ready. Probably controller and split screen support will be added at the same time. In the future of course.

For now, you can play Divinity Original Sin series via split screen. They are both Larian games and absolutely fun to play, just like Baldur’s Gate 3. Anyway, looks like that’s it. If something comes up, I will update this page. So that you don’t miss any updates regarding the split screen and controller support.


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