Baldur’s Gate 3 Villains

Most interesting villains of Baldur's Gate 3. Oh, BG3 also have one big main villain.

bg3 villains

Baldur’s Gate 3 have many villains. However, there are only 6 villains worth mentioning at the moment. Because we can only play act 1. That is why this page will be update in the future. But for now, we can review the existing act 1 villains.


You can look at the D&D 5e books if you are so curious about the possible BG3 villains. That might give an idea.

Okay, I want to start this list with the main BG3 villain, Mind Flayer. Then we will continue by the threat ranking. List of Baldur’s Gate 3 villains:

1. BG3 Main Villain – Mind Flayer Hivemind

Main villain in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the Mind Flayer. They abducted us, put a brain eating worm inside our head, and hunting us constantly… What more can you expect from a main antagonist?

Baldur’s Gate 3 story beings with mind flayers. Probably it will end with mind flayers too.

Most players agree that the mind flayer is biggest, baddest, and meanest villain in BG3. Surely this won’t change with the full release. I can’t imagine a more evil villain.

2. Cambion Raphael

The devil you know… He is definitely a villain we have yet to fight. BG3 Raphael offers a deal to remove tadpole for an unknown favor in return. Our little group is definitely a part of his grand plan. He even sends an assassin to save us from goblin torture chamber. But we can never trust a cambion, he is up to no good.

What is his sinister plan? Can he be the end-game villain of Baldur’s Gate 3? We will see.

All I know is he is a handsome devil, literally…

3. Hag

BG3 Auntie Ethel is one of the strongest foes we encounter in act 1. She is definitely an evil villain.

First we encounter her as a sweet old lady. Spoiler alert, it is only a disguise. She is a powerful ancient hag. Also known as the Sister of the Seeing Pearl.

She have enslaved and killed many people without thinking twice and pure evil. Pretty strong one too.

4. Goblin, Hobgoblin, and Bugbear Horde

Goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears are really an evil horde. All they care is killing, looting, and tormenting.

They aren’t really that strong individually except the leaders. Still their numbers are many and can be a huge threat.

We encounter and fight many of them. Therefore I declare them worthy villains of Baldur’s Gate 3.

5. Shadow Druids

Shadow druids are inherently evil. It is a cult believes that the nature should drive out civilization by force, with violence.

They have manipulated temporary grove leader Kagha to perform rite of thorns. Which is a great spell that surrounds the area with a wine shield. This is an evil choice because it condemns Tieflings to die by the hand of goblins.

6. Player’s Itself

You weren’t expecting that, were you? Baldur’s Gate 3 is a RPG with freedom of choice. Therefore, you can easily become the villain of this story by making the evil choices.

BG3 evil playthrough have options such as aligning with evil characters, making evil choices, and murdering innocent. Straight up being mean.


I mean, how can one make Alfira cry? This is the evilest thing I can imagine…

Now you know all the important Baldur’s Gate 3 evil villains. Please don’t be one of them, even though it is really tempting.

Thank you for visiting my-page fellow adventurer of Baldur’s Gate. I bid thee farewell.

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