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21 best text based role playing games to enjoy in 2022.

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Do you like role-playing-games but have a potato PC? Or perhaps you just simply like a good read and role playing. In any case, I have good news for you. There are many great text-based RPG games to play in 2022. This is the sub-genre you are look for! Moreover, I made a top 20 best text based RPG list for you!


Here is how text-based RPGs work. In these games, you find yourself in a fictional world. There aren’t many graphics describing it though, everything is in text. Anyway, as a player-reader you can make choices and these choices will shape your story. You can call it interactive fiction too if you will. They are basically a bridge between literature and gaming.

So, let’s get started, here is my top 21 best text based RPGs:

1. Tudor Intrigue

Do you like Game of Thrones? I do, especially the court intrigue parts of it. The Tudors is also amazing. It is old but gold. Anyway, why am I talking about these two specific TV series? Because Tudors Intrigue is basically text-based RPG version of these series.


Take the role of a noble, make alliances, grow old, and expand your kingdom. But beware, court intrigue is highly dangerous. All in all, it is highly intriguing game. Also, super fun. Especially if you like history.

2. Suzerain

In Suzerain, you take control of President Rayne, leader of fictional country, Sordland. It is a political text-based RPG, highly focused on ruling and election.

Convince your cabinet members, remove corruption, overcome economic crisis, and reform. Give your citizens the life they deserve! Or, torment them with your fascist dictatorship! How will you lead?

3. Sir Brante

This game takes you to a fictional world where the gods are real. They divided the humans by cast system. In this world nobles lead, clergy guide, and lowborn suffer. So, what will you do Sir Brante? Will you accept the statuesque and become an inquisitor or a judge? Or will you challenge this corrupt world order?

Every choice you make has its own pros and cons in the Life and Suffering of Sir Brante. So, choices matters a lot.

It has an amazing narrative too. All in all, this games overwhelmingly positive ratings are totally deserved.

4. Citizen Sleeper

Get ready to role-play in an interplanetary capitalism system. You will live life of a escaped worker-slave.

You can not change your past but your future is yet to be decided. Choose your new life and friends. If you choose your steps carefully, you might even escape your past and change your future.


Role playing in a futuristic sci-fi cyberpunk universe is interesting. So, if you like these genres, give it a shot, you won’t regret.

5. Bitburner

Have you ever wanted to be a hacker? If so you will like Bitburner. Because it is a program-text based hacking simulation game.

You basically take the role of an unknown hacker, living in a dystopian world. Be careful not to get caught!

It is not a casual game though. Bitburner requires you to know basic Java knowledge to play it properly. In essence, it is a bridge between coding and gaming.

6. Phantasia

Here is something old. Phantasia is a text based fantasy RPG which have a presence in internet since 90s. Hmm, how can I describe it… I guess we can call it less popular version of D&D.

It has tons of monsters, npcs, and quests. You can play it multiplayer too. Phantasia is a cult classic in my opinion and you should most definitely try it out.

7. Choice of Robots

Choice of Robots is the highest rated sci-fi interactive novel you can find on Steam.

Ready to play as a genius professor who is a robot designer? Your robots will change the future!

It is possible to build an AI and robot army in this game. Will you help the humanity or conquer the world? 300,000-word epic interactive sci-fi novel with an amazing story awaits.

8. The Dreamhold

The Dreamhold is a free to play text-based adventure RPG. It offers no graphics, no point and click, and no music. Only story, narrative, and choices in a text format.


It is also available for iPad, iPhone, and iPad touch.

9. Wanderlust: Travel Stories

Step into the shoes of a modern day traveler and explore the world! If you love a good travel story, the game Wanderlust might intrigue you.

Wanderlust: Travel Stories has an interesting plot. Group of travel enthusiasts are hanging out in a bar that is at the world’s most remote island. They are sharing travel stories with each other. You will step into their shoes, live, and form their stories.

10. Warsim: The Realm of Aslona

Text-based kingdom management game Warsim is amazing! Get ready to navigate millions of races, events, and areas. You can do whatever you want as a ruler, with consequences of course…

Main goal of this game keeping your kingdom alive and running. It is not that hard. However, it can thrive or suffer by your very own choices.

11. Zork

Zork is an interactive fiction game developed by four members of the MIT. It is released in 1979 for personal computers.

Story is set in the ruins of an ancient empire. You play as an adventurer in search of wealth and fame!

This cult classic game is legendary and still being played in 2022.

12. AI Dungeon

AI Dungeons lets you play and create AI-generated adventures with infinite possibilities. You can pick from many settings such as fantasy, mystery, zombies, apocalyptic, cyberpunk, and more. Then, your story begins! Player-made scenarios are really fun too.

There are no rules, no objective. Only adventure.

Well, AI is getting better and better!

13. Creme de la Creme

Crème de la Crème is a 440,000-word text-based RPG written by Hannah Powell-Smith. There are no graphics or sound but a text-based amazing interactive fiction.


Story revolves around the lives of students at the exclusive private school for elites. Will you study hard or focus on becoming popular? You might find yourself in many back-stabbing situations, friendships, and even romance.

14. Choice of Magics

Choice of Magics is a 550,000-word fantasy novella. In a fantasy world, you will use magic to shape your destiny. Your magic can also shape the world! Will you save it, conquer it, or permanently destroy it?

Game features:

15. Vampire: The Masquerade – Night Road

Vampire: The Masquerade – Night Road is a 650,000-word interactive horror novel by Kyle Marquis. It is set in a World of Darkness universe and your choices shaping the story.

In this story you take control of a vampire courier. The elders have trusted you to deliver their secrets. Can you outrun the hunters, competitors, and the rising sun?

I really love vampire genre. That is why I made best vampire RPG games list before. You can check out that article too if you have similar interest like i do.

16. Werewolves: Haven Rising

Werewolves: Haven Rising is a 285,000-word text-based RPG written by Jeffrey Dean.

You are one of fifteen pups born in a government internment camp where werewolves are forced to work tirelessly. Can you break the shackles and lead your pack to freedom?

If you love this genre, you can also check out my best werewolf RPGs list.

17. Zombie Exodus

Zombie Exodus is a thrilling 750,000-word interactive fiction written by Jim Dattilo.

It starts with an escape from zombie infested city. Main object is nothing but surviving. Be a part of an amazing novel and make hardest choices to stay alive.


Walking Dead fans, you should definitely play it!

18. Football Manager 2022

Do you like football, or should I say soccer? If you do, you might wanna check out the Football Manager series. It is a text-based football manager simulation where you take control of the club head coach.

FM 22 PACKS MODS < Must have FM22 addons.

In this game you can do transfers, create tactics, assign player roles, control training, give press conferences, motivate players, etc. It is all text based! But of course you can choose to watch your matches in 2d/3d engines. Still, it is optional and not necessary.

In FM, players don’t control matches like FIFA or PES. You can only watch, make tactical changes, and substitutions. You’re only a manager after all. Also check out my top football RPG games list. Of course, Football Manager is ranking number one over there.

19. Stories Untold

Here is something unique. Stories Untold combines classic text-adventure, RPG, point-click, and more! Creating something fantastic and fun.

You can experience four unique stories set in the nostalgic 80s. Get ready to enjoy genre-defying, tense, psychological horror game.

20. Fallen Hero: Rebirth

Fallen Hero: Rebirth is a 380,000 word interactive super hero novel by Malin Ryden. This is a villain protagonist game.


So, begin the game, choose your adventure and become the greatest telepathic villain Los Diablos has ever known!

You have telepathic talents, mind reading, and people possessing abilities. Really terrifying powers in the hand of an evil person.

21. Tin Star

This best text-based RPG games list is making its final with a western interactive fiction. Western RPGs are the best.

Are you ready to ride out into the Old West as a U.S. marshal? Confront outlaws, fight natives, form friendships, and romances.


1,376,197 words long rich story is calling your name!

Thank you for checking out my favorite text-based RPGs. Please share your favorite ones and let me know your thoughts by using the comment section below.

You can also use our discord channel for more personel contact. Bye for now, till later!

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