Models and options in Baldur’s Gate 3 character creation screen are absolutely phenomenal. Vast customization choices allows players to create most unique characters. However, with these beautiful character creation screen mods, your Baldur’s Gate 3 character could become much better. Because more options means more customization, uniqueness and beauty. Or ugly of course, depending on your choices.

The mods I listed below gives you tons of new options in character creation. So, make sure to install and combine couple of them to create your dream avatar. Also make sure to check out my best Baldur’s Gate 3 clothing mods list.


Baldur’s Gate 3 character creation screen mods:

1. Customizer Mod

baldur's gate 3 customizer

As I have said, there are tons of character customization options in Baldur’s Gate 3. But it’s now enough for hardcore role playing game players like you and me. After all, we like our characters as unique as possible.

Thankfully customizer’s compendium mod adds many many more options to the character creation screen. Like hairs, skins, colors, eyebrows, beards, eye colors, etc.

Mod page can be found here.

2. Early Access Origin Unlocker

Baldur’s Gate 3 patch 5 recently released. Yet, origin characters are still locked and unavailable. Why is that? I don’t like waiting… If you hate waiting too, then perhaps this early access origin unlocker mod is just what you need.

Astarion, Lae’zel, Gale, Shadowheart, and Wyll are not available to player in character creation screen. But this mod simply unlocks origin characters and allows you to pick one of them as your main character.

Most of the unique character dialogues are already available in-game. So, you can really enjoy these characters. Even without the official release. What can I say? We owe a huge thank you to the mod author for this opportunity.

3. Random Hairstyles

Number three is the mod called Tav’s hair salon, formerly known as random hairstyles. This mod basically adds couple of new hairstyles to the character creation.

As can be seen on the video above, these custom hairstyles are absolutely gorgeous. You can create really pretty characters with random hairstyles.

To sum up, Tav’s hair salon adds braided, bun, fluffy pony, fluffy waves, long, minthara, princess, rapunzel, and wavy hairstyles.

4. Piercing Mods

U want big titty goth gf, I mean character? Or perhaps a succubus? Go on and install Baldur’s Gate 3 piercing mods.

They really goes well with the beautiful Baldur’s Gate 3 characters. Many piercings and stuff added by piercing mods. Such as nose piercing, earring, eyebrow piercing, and ear piercing for both left and right sides.

5. Simply Tats

There aren’t many tattoos in Baldur’s Gate 3. Our tattoo options are really limited. It’s time for us to change that.

Simply Tats adds total 64 new tattos to your game. Most of these tattos are converted from Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect Andromeda games.

Tats are working on all races and genders without any restrictions. Also simply tattos mod does not require any mod manager. One simply copy paste is enough to make it work.

6. Elder Scrolls Crossover Mod

Do you like Elder Scrolls series? If so, go a head and download this Baldur’s Gate 3 Elder Scrolls crossover mod.

Adventurer’s guide to Tamriel makes Skyrim races available in Baldur’s Gate 3 character creation screen.

Presently available races are Cyrodiil, Breton, Nord, REdguard, Altmer, Dunmer, Nord, and Orsimer. All have their own racial skills, traits, etc.

7. Customize Starting Equipment

With this mod you can choose your starting equipment before beginning your Baldur’s Gate 3 journey. As shown above, selected equipment can be seen in the character creation screen.

Each and every weapon and armor set are available to you. Even the ones that isn’t obtainable yet in early access.

It’s installation process is really hard though. Just make sure to to read mod-page thoroughly.

8. Werewolf

Who let the wolves out? Who, who, who, who? You can become a werewolf in Baldur’s Gate 3 with this mod! It’s called werewolf background.

This is actually a background mod. You can learn more about Baldur’s Gate 3 backgrounds and mods from this link. Only way of becoming a werewolf is creating a new character with werewolf background.

Once you transform into a werewolf, you can cast 2 new feral spells. Druid and fighter classes recommended.

9. Vampire

Vampire spawn background is also an another Baldur’s Gate character creation mod. It allows you to choose vampire spawn background in the character creation. Therefore, making you a real deal vampire.

Your new skills will be vampire bite, bite, dark vision, turn another, etc.

10. Demon Spawn

Do you want become a demon spawn? A real deal filthy imp? Demon spawn mod allows you to choose demon spawn background on character creation screen. Hence allowing you to transform in to an imp any time you want!

As an imp, you get fire resistance and couple of new skills. Such as summon imp ally, fireball, bite, etc.

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