Hello and welcome to the lucrorpg. On this page you can find the CK3 lifestyle tier list. At this time we have intrigue, diplomacy, martial, stewardship and learning lifestyles in Crusader Kings 3. There are currently 5 lifestyles available but this number may increase with the newest downloadable contents. Lifestyles are the most important decision a ruler must make. Because some are good, some are bad, and some are mixed. In order to thrive, a good lifestyle must be chosen.


Let’s get started. CK3 lifestyles tier list:

1. Intrigue

intrigue ck3

Intrigue is the best lifestyle in CK3. Why is that? Two words: dread and abduction.

Focus on the manipulation of people, the nature of secrets, and the cunning plots that will bring your plans to fruition.

The first tree scheme allows you to do all kinds of schemes. I believe kidnapping perk is the most important one here. You can abduct kingdom claimants, recruit them, and conquer whole kingdoms in one war. Though it must be remembered that the kidnapping claimants is not an easy job. You need to have high intrigue and lots of gold for bribing agents. Also kidnapping enemy war leader is an option too. This ends the war instantly.

Second tree is seducer. I always unlock the first row perk, like woods in a garden. It gives you %30 fertility with a single perk. This allows me to breed lots of children for the glory of my dynast. Other perks are mostly increasing your seduction powers. If you wish to be the casanova of the middle ages, this perk is recommended.

Finally the torturer tree. Torturer perks mostly allows torturing and executing people without losing piety. And of course, increasing dread. So, if you hate rebellious vassal, simply become a torturer and make people tremble before you.

  1. Skulduggery focus: Agent acceptance +10 bonus is imperative for hostile schemes. “Schemes, subversion, and secrets.”
  2. Temptation focus: +20% fertility and seduction scheme bonuses helps you to expand your dynasty. “Seduction, desire, and the gentle art of twisting people around your little finger.”
  3. Intimidation focus: Natural dread +30 bonus helps you to end rebellious factions real fast. “Threats, both overt and subtle, guide the path to true power.”

2. Diplomacy

ck3 diplomacy

Diplomacy lifestyle in CK3 have really good perks. Both on diplomat and august tress. However, I can’t say the same thing about the family hierarch.

Focus of understanding people and their motives, how to handle other realms, and how to win the unwavering loyalty of your subjects.

First and best tree on diplomacy is the diplomat. Because of the three most op perks.

  1. Thoughtful: Opinion gain from send gift +%100. This perk allows you to end factions with mere gold gifts. Also it can help vassalize offers.
  2. Defensive negotiations: Alliances without marriages. This is absolutely overpowered because it allows you to create an alliance with the Papal State. Also gives you +15 vassal opinion and +15 independent ruler opinion. Meaning no factions or war declarations etc.
  3. Forced vassalage: Using force vassalization casus belli is absolutely mandatory for conquering big realms in short amount of times.

Second diplomacy is called august. It helps you with prestige and sway power. But most importantly, offer vassalization acceptance +25 with the true ruler perk. After unlocking this you can unite whole Scandinavia with Björn Ironside without raging even a single war.

Third tree is the family hierarch. Mostly helps with friends. I don’t usually invest on this tree except the groomed to rule which gives children 1-3 extra skill points.

  1. Foreign affairs focus: +3 diplomacy for increasing peoples opinion. “One can never have too many friends, near or far.”
  2. Majesty focus: If you need prestige for declaring wars or anything, choose majesty focus for +1 monthly prestige. “Regality flows from ritual, tradition, and glory.”
  3. Family focus: Always choose this for +20% fertility if you don’t need prestige. “Even if we do not choose them, those closest to us are the most important.”

3. Martial

ck3 martial

Martial lifestyle is mostly for ruling with an iron fist. Against the enemies both outside and inside the realm.

Focus on control of your realm, honorable conduct, and the strategies that will win your wars.

Strategist tree basically makes you win wars. Overseer is for county control and defense. Also soldiers of lesser fortune perk reduces mercenary hire cost by -30% which is amazing. Lastly gallant is focused on knights, marriage, and spouse. In addition peacemaker is really good for ending wars quickly. Peace acceptance +10 really helps believe it or not.

  1. Strategy focus: Martial skill +3, it is good if you are not leading an army. And not having dread or control issues. “Luck can win a duel. A fool can win a battle. It takes more to win a war.”
  2. Authority focus: Helps increasing dread and county control. “To rule is to make all the aspects of a realm move in unison and work together.”
  3. Chivalry focus: Good when leading an army and participating 1v1 fights. “Victory comes not through blood or gold, but honor.”

4. Stewardship

stewardship ck3

Stewardship lifestyle is good for rebuilding the empire with gold, reduced construction costs and time. Mostly picked for tall gameplays because stewardship does not help with wars.

Focus on dealing justice, administrating the lands of your realm, and filling your coffers with gold.

Avaricious tree is pretty good. You can demand payments for hooks, increase vassal tax, and extort subjects. These perks can generate huge amounts many in short time. Obviously architect tree helps with buildings. Mostly reducing construction time and cost as I have said before.

Administrator tree mostly helps with factions. Vassal levy contribution %20 is really op. Also likeable perk increases vassal opinion +10 and reduces the chance of factions. Honored to serve is pretty good to because it increases +%20 tax and +%20 levy of the powerful vassals.

  1. Wealth focus: +%10 monthly income, do i need to say much? “War, honor, and loyalty are all means to an end: gold!”
  2. Domain focus: +3 stewardship bonus, helps with maximum domain limit. “My land and the people under my care are my strength.”
  3. Duty focus: Enemy agent acceptance, and guest opinion focuses. This can help with your schemes targeting your domain. “The bonds of loyalty that bind us do not constrict; they show the way.”

5. Learning

ck3 learning

Theology tree allows you to become a religious icon given enough time. So that you can reform your religion if needed be. Because reforming a religion requires +2000/4000 piety at the least. Also this is the best lifestyle for increasing cultural fascination process. If you need to get some technology quickly, you can choose this lifestyle for your younger heirs.

Focus on learning all that you can. The realm of knowledge and divinity lie within your grasp, as well as the secrets to life itself.

First tree is whole of body. This helps with stress and health. After completing whole of body, you can expect your ruler to live at least 70 years of life. Scholar tree is good for raising young heirs and technology. Also sanctioned loopholes perk lets player to buy claims on duchies. It is really good for expansion.

Theologian tree is mandatory for reforming religion because it generates lots of piety. Also helps with converting religions inside your empire. It is really important for Iberian empires.

  1. Medicine focus: This gives small bonus to your health. Can be used when your king is about to die. It will help. “An understanding of life, beyond the vagaries of the world upon the body.”
  2. Scholarship focus: Development growth +15% helps with tall playthroughs. “The knowledge of those who have come before, the knowledge of those still living, and the knowledge of perpetual truths.”
  3. Theology focus: Monthly piety +1 is really good. “Faith and knowledge. Understanding the divine means understanding the world.”

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