Every dynasty comes from humble beginnings. The climb to power is usually a slow process, each generation moving a few steps up the ladder, through carefully planned marriages and ceaseless wars.

But these are times of great change and upheaval. With a lot of courage, and maybe a little luck, a hero might raise their family name from obscurity to legend. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Other CK3 interesting starts:

Jarl Haesteinn Count of Montaigu

jarl haesteinn ck3

Through cunning and courage, Jarl Haesteinn has become a rich man. After leading a lucrative raid through the Mediterranean together with Björn Ironside, Haesteinn has settled in Brittany. The Franks have coffers ready for picking, and a mighty viking warrior makes a great ally in times of political turmoil.

Fortune does not come without enemies, however. Will Haesteinn’s greed get the better of him, or will his his dynasty prosper under your guidance?

We Swear by Freya’s Cats – House Haesteining

Count of Montaigu (Easy) Count Haesteinn of Montaigu

Daurama Daura Countess of Daura

daurama daura ck3

As the Last Magajiya of Daura, Daurama is a symbol of the old ways of the Hausa people. Her new husband, Bayajiddah (originally from Iraq), represents change, as more and more outsiders flock to Hausaland, bringin their strange faiths and cultures with them…

Daurama is set to go down in history as the Last Magajiva, but does she have to be?

Labor, Conquest, and Courage – House Daura

Countess of Daurama (Medium) High Chieftess Daurama of Kano

Count Eudes Count of Anjou

count eudes ck3

In July of 866, the viking raider Haesteinn slew Eudes’ father Robert the strong. Mere months later, his mother Adelais died giving birth to his brother Robert. The world is cruel and the future might seem uncertain, but these orphan boys are destined to sit on the French throne. Their descendants, the Capets, will rule France for centuries to come.

Can you navigate the treacherous politics of medieval France and fulfill the destiny of the Robertine brothers?

Be Brave – House Robertine

Count of Anjou (Hard) Count Eudes of Anjou

Rurik Rurikid Duke of Novgorod

rurik rurikid ck3

Few have risen from nothingness to greatness like the brave Rurikid! Together with his brothers he brought order to the Eastern wilderness, and since their deaths, he is the lone ruler of a great Chiefdom. Yet, this is only the beginning.

One day, Rurik’s descendants will found the Tsardom of Russia. Or will they? The destiny of this great dynasty rests in your hands.

With Salvation and Odin’s One Eye – House Rurikid

Duke of Novgorod (Easy) Jarl Rurik “Troublemaker” of Holmgarthr

Almos Arpad King of Mogyer Confederation

almos arpad ck3

When the seven Hungarian tribes united to elect a supreme leader, their votes fell on brave Almos. One day, his son Arpad will pick up the mantle – but only if the Hungarians can keep their independence. Danger looms on the Eastern horizon.

Can you defend the Hungarians and lead them to greatness? This is your chance to retell the adventures of the Arpad dynasty!

In My Liberty, The God Bless Me – House Arpad

King of Mogyer Confederation (Medium) Grand Prince Almos Ugyekfi of the Mogyer Confederation.

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