Two years ago, King Aella of Northumbria threw the great Viking hero Ragnarr Lothbrok into a pit of snakes to die. Upon hearing the news, Ragnarr’s sons set sail for England to avenge their father.

The brothers have since established a firm foothold in York and The Isles. The Anglo-Saxon kings have lost battle after battle – their future looks bleak indeed.

But all hope is not lost, and a great hero could still turn the tide of history.

Will you lay all of England under Norse rule, or vanquish the Great Heathen Army from Anglo-Saxon soil?

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Earl Alfred of Wessex

earl alfred ck3

As the Vikings push further south, Earl Alfred of Dorset is readying his troops.

In the coming years, Alfred will fight numerous battles against the Norsemen and put and end to the invasion. When he inherits his brother’s throne, he becomes one of the greatest English king throughout history.

Will you fulfill Alfred’s great destiny, or be crushed by the Great Heathen Army?

Count of Dorset (Hard)

Earl Alfred Aethelwulfson of Dorset is part of the house Essex of Cerdicing dynasty. House Wessex motto:

What punishments may befall us when we do not cherish or transmit learning?

Founded by the Petty King Ecgberht of Wessex.

Ivar the Boneless Ivaring

ivar the boneless ck3

Rumors say that Ivar is weak of body, but no one can claim he is weak of mind. Through cunning and confidence, he has united a great number of Norse warbands under his banner, and won great victories on these foreign shores. But not even the greatest viking can cheat death. In 870, Ivar will fade from history forever…

Can you win Ivar’s wars, and keep him alive to rule for many years to come?

Dukes of Isles (Easy)

Sigurdr dynasty, house Ivaring, Jarl Ivar “the Boneless” of the Suthreyjar.

Family Under an Industrious King

Is the house motto.

Halfdan Whiteshirt Hvitserk

halfdan whiteshirt ck3

The first wave of invasion has gone very well for Halfdan Whiteshirt. With the help of his brother Ivar, he has wrestled the control of York from King Aella’s hands. And he will take so much more.

Will you follow in history’s footsteps and have your bloody vengeance, or stake out a new path for Halfdan?

Duke of York (Easy)

Dynasty and house Hvitserk. House motto:

Break Your Axe Upon Our Conquest

Jarl Halfdan “Whiteshirt” of Jorvik.

Björn Ironside af Munsö

björn ironside ck3

Björn has lived a true Norseman’s life of adventure. A fearsome raider, he has pillaged across France, Iberia, and Italy, together with his friend Haesteinn of Nantes. Now, the forces of Scandinavia gather to assault British shores once more.

Though Björn is promised to avenge the death of his father in England, his descendants will rule Sweden for the next two centuries. On which side of the North Sea does your destiny lie?

Duke of Uppland (Easy)

Baldur’s Light is our Hammer – House Munsö

Jarl Björn “Ironside” of Uppland of house and dynasty Munsö.

Sigurdr Snake-in-the-Eye af Sigurdr

sigurdr snake in the eye ck3

As his brothers sailed off to England to exact their vengeance, Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye stayed behind to role his late father’s lands. Ragnarr Lothbrok has left him some very large boots to fill.

Sigurd’s descendants will be Kings of Denmark, Norway and England for well over a century. Can you fulfill the destiny of his dynasty?

Duke of Sjaelland (Medium)

Dynasty and house Sigurdr motto:

Nobility, Devotion, Salvation

Ruler: Jarl Sigurdr “Snake-in-the-Eye” of Sjaelland

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