15th of the september, 1066 AD

When the childless King Edward the Confessor died it plunged England into a succession crisis unlike any that had come before.

Three men attempted to secure the throne for themselves: Harold Godwinson, William the Bastard, and Harald Hardrade, while Svend and Malcom stood by, ready to pounce at any sign of weakness.

Who will stand victorious after this tumultuous time in history?

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King Harold of England King of England

king harold of england

Harold Godwinson was the leader of a powerful noble house, and the brother-in-law of the King, when the childless King Edward died. Now, elected the new King of England by his peers, he is faced with the challenge of holding onto the throne, as the covetous Duke of Normandy, as well as King Harald of Norway, spurred on and aided by Harold’s exiled brother, seek to replace him!

With a large army at your back and the support of the Anglo-Saxon lords – will the wolves find that they have bitten off more than they can chew?

Piety Through God – House Godwin

King Harold II Godwineson of England.

King Malcolm of Scotland King of Scotland

king malcolm of scotland

Known to Scotland as the “Great Chief” Malcolm III’s situation is tenuous, but full of opportunity. To the south, the rich lands of Northumbria lie vulnerable as England is torn apart by war, but Norse warlords and Gaelic highlanders yet contest the king’s rule at home.

The British Isles teem with dangers and opportunities: can you pluck a rose from this garden of thorns?

Good as the Dragon – House Dunkeld

King Malcolm III “Canmore” of Scotland.

William the Bastard Duke of Normandy

william the bastard ck3

The House of Normandy trace their lineage back to Norse vikings, and established themselves on the mainland of Europe over 200 years ago. Now William II dreams of leading his family to rule the Kingdom of England, and he believes his status as successor to the throne was promised by the late King Edward, and even recognized by Harold Godwinson himself. However, now that Edward is gone, Harold has broken his oath and taken the crown for himself!

William is at war with England. Can you muster your forces and claim what is rightfully yours?

We Carve Runes of Njord’s Rich Seas – House Normandie

Duke William II “the Bastard” of Normandy.

Harald Hardrade King of Norway

harald hardrade ck3

Having displayed formidable military talent since youth, Harald has recently tried, and failed, to conquer Denmark. Now, he looks beyond the sea – by ancient contract, the crown of England should have passed to Harald, when the last King died without without an heir. But, instead, the Anglo-Saxons have put Harold Godwinson on the throne! Luckily, the false King has made enemies, and Tostig Godwinson, Harold’s own brother, lives in the exile in Norway…

By using his own enemies against him, can you give this Varangian viking control over the North Sea?

Be Persevering – House Yngling

King Harald IV “Hard Ruler” of Norway.

King Svend of Denmark King of Denmark

king svend of denmark ck3

With blood ties to England and Norway, Svend has strong claims on both thrones. Unfortunately, his armies are small and undisciplined, making a war of conquest unfeasible. However, there are other ways to pursue one’s dreams…

If your children were able to married into powerful families, it could grant many useful alliances – alliances you could leverage to found an empire that would rival Rome itself!

Face not the Ox – House Estrid

King Svend II Ulfsen of Denmark.

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