15th of September, 1066 AD

Throughout Europe, families fight and scheme for power. A lot of land lies disputed, as battles are won and lost, and dynasties come and go, as their rulers are outmaneuvered.

Kings of old are being replaced, while newcomers reach for the stars. Which will you be?

Other CK3 interesting starts:

Emir Yahya Duke of Toledo

emir yahya ck3

The Kingdom of Toledo will be established in the late 11th century, when the king of Leon takes over the eponymous city. This education of Emir Yahya and his influence means that the Dhunnunid family will lose its hold on the region, where they have regained for generations.

Through manipulating your rivals, and finding more allies, do you have what it takes to challenge the Kings of the Iberian peninsula and change history for the Dhunnunid house?

Loyal With Lance in Hand – House Dhunnunid

Emir Yahya ibn Isma’il of the Dhunnunid Emirate.

Petty King Murchad Duke of Munster

petty king murchad ck3

In the beginning of the 11th century, the High Kingship of Ireland has fallen in and out of house Briain’s grasp, as the Irish noble houses have warred over territory, against each other and Viking settlers. Yet, while hailing from a line of men deemed destined for Kingship, not much is known about Murchad’s brief reign over the smaller are of Munster.

With your help, perhaps a member of the house of Briain can sit on the throne of Ireland once more?

Union, Splendor, and Prayer – House Briain

Petty King Murchad mac Donnchad of Munster.

Duke Vratislav Duke of Bohemia

duke vratislav ck3

The Premyslid family has ruled the region of Bohemia for hundreds of years. They have relied heavily on Seniority for their succession, which, in Duke Vratislav’s case, will eventually lead to serious strife with his brothers.

To become King of Bohemia, Vratislav will need to be tactical with his resources, both material and not – are you up for the task?

Family Without Envy – House Premyslid

Duke Vratislav II of Bohemia.

Duke Robert Duke of Apulia

duke robert ck3

Robert started out his career a thief and head of a band of highwayman. Being one of many siblings, the adventurous son was never predicted to become a brilliant strategist and statesman, ruling vast areas of land – yet here he is, a powerful Duke of southern Italy, ready to take on the path of history, which will enable the Hautevilles to have foothold in Sicily for over a hundred years.

If you can consolidate the power in the realm, the Kingdom of Sicily awaits its ruler!

God’s Hand Made Wonders, God’s Hand Made Me – House Hauteville

Duke Robert “the Fox” of Apulia.

Duchess Matilda Duchess of Tuscany

duchess matilda ck3

By skill or circumstance, Matilda of Canossa is destined to inherit a substantial territory in Northern Italy. She will move on to become a powerful and well-connected ruler, eventually rising to a unique rank of Imperial Vicar and Vice-Queen of Italy. Long after her death, she shall remain a figure legendary for both her piousness and suspected witchcraft.

Can you ensure Mathilda’s legacy endures, and continue the Canossa line for generations to come?

When the Dog Will End His Bone, House Canossa Will End – House Canossa

Duchess Mathilda of Tuscany.

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