When the old king Ferdinand I passed away his three sons all inherited a piece of his Iberian Kingdom. Greed, ambition, and holy wars soon push the Iberian Peninsula to boil, and the bonds between family members start to fray.

Are any of the Fernandez siblings strong, or cunning, enough to emerge victorious over the rest? How will war and diplomacy mold the Iberian peninsula?

15th of September, 1066 AD

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King Garcia King of Galicia

king garcia ck3

Given the most troubled kingdom of the three brothers, Garcia tried many extreme remedies to stabilize his rule. However, the fragile land was soon too tempting for his brother Alfonso who invaded in 1071. This attack kicked off the many wars that followed between the brothers, but Garcia would spend most of this time behind bars.

Take up arms against your brothers and lead this unstable kingdom to glory and victory!

King Garcia Fernandez of Galicia.

King Alfonso VI King of Leon

king alfonso VI ck3

The middle son, and his father’s favorite, Alfonso inherited the rich middle kingdom of Leon. He moved on to outsmart and subjugate both his brothers, and he ruled over the reunited kingdom of his father.

Through political and familiar diplomacy and aggression, do you have what it takes to unite the three kingdoms under one banner?

King Alfonso VI “the Brave” of Leon.

Infanta Urraca Countess of Zamora

infanta urraca ck3

The oldest of the Ferdinand’s children, Urraca had widespread influence over both her brothers and the Church. She and her sister Elvira received lordship over all the monasteries in the three kingdoms, and she did not sit idly by as her brothers tore each other apart.

To outmaneuver her brothers and secure her place in history Urraca needs both patience and daring – will you succeed?

Infanta Urraca Fernandez of Leon.

King Sancho II King of Castille

king sancho II ck3

Sancho was cheat out of his full inheritance by his father’s division of the land among all three brothers. A man of opportunity, the quickly took up arms against his brothers as soon as the peace started to crumble, but only briefly got to rule the reunited kingdom before he was assassinated.

Through military action and planning, can you restore the full kingdom to its glory under the one rightful ruler, and hold on to power?

King Sancho II “the Strong” of Castille.

King Antso IV King of Navarra

king antso IV ck3

Many lords in the west of the kingdom, deserted King Antso after he ascended to the throne following the passing of his parents. He was soon embroiled in a war with his cousin King Sancho which saw Antso defeated, and after a rule marked by warfare and defeat he was assassinated by his own siblings.

Rewrite history, outsmart your family, and secure your domain and heritage!

King Antso IV Gartziez of Navarra.

By Friendship and Liberty – House Jimena

All 5 rulers mentioned above are part of the Jimena dynasty and house.

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